The Journey

Sometimes I get an urge to just hop in my SUV and drive. No set destination, just wanna look out the window. Take in and enjoy the scenery. Engage in random dialog with a complete stranger while pumping gas. Spot some grazing animals. Listen to some good music. Nibble on a favorite snack. Smile at the experience and come on back. The one thing that stops me from doing so, is that in today's society, you don't need to travel and or venture off alone. Everyone in my small circle is either busy working or not on the same time schedule as I am. I'm an early bird. As soon as the sun comes up, I'm ready to get running. One of these days, you're going to look to the left or right of you and I'll be breezing by. I may smile and nod, or even wink an eye. I'll be silently happy for you as you travel on, and hope your destination is cherished and memorable.
Maybe tomorrow...

Right Now

I'm not living in my desired home, but I like where I'm at, a lot.
Don't have the financial security that I dream of, but I'm making ends meet. Not completely satisfied with my weight, but I like how I pull myself together. My helpmate is lost among the fools, However, I'm confident he's out there. Would rather have a vehicle with more bells and whistles, but grateful for what I'm driving today.

I don't get discouraged about the lack of more elaborate things or situations in my life, because I am optimistic that they'll present themselves in due time. Being happy and appreciative of my current life status, shows I'm humble and deserving of being and having more when it's my day to do so.

Worst Addiction Ever

I stopped using illegal drugs 20 years ago with no problem.
I quit smoking cigarettes 18 years ago and haven't looked back.
I denounced premarital sex 9 years ago and I'm okay with the decision.
I even gave up the consumption of animals 4 months ago.
Leaving those things were a piece of cake...

CAKE with a side of COOKIES and loads of ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE.
Those things are like trigonometry. The more I try, the harder it gets.
We need food to survive, so it's normal to take it in, as long as it's not in excess.
My relationship with over indulgence of the aforementioned foods, are crippling me.
"Hi my name is Angie and I'm hostage to familiar ambivalent substances"

I Need To

... stop getting upset wondering if my stern actions & beliefs are upsetting someone
... quit feeling bad about not telling someone Happy Birthday when they don't even remember mine
... take all the time I need for myself and not feel bad because someone else dislikes it
... stop putting other peoples feelings before mine which makes me feel worse in the long run
... adhere to these needs and feel better about MY decisions 
ALL of them

Claim It

From Now On!

Self Seating

Appetizer: You played with my emotions long enough to get me interested.  With no intent of fulfilling me. 1st Entree: Once you knew I loved you, you started to back away,  figuring you had me & I'd never leave. Beverage: You tempted me to quench my thirst with kind words that would keep me lingering. Main Course: You made time for things you were interested in which apparently didn't include me. You done everything you wanted to do before during and after meeting me  and none of it included me. You no longer initiate contact, but assume replying to my moves would suffice as interest enough. You used your sense of entitlement to keep me warm enough to let you in when you were ready.  I allowed it ALL. I done this to myself! But it's not up to you to feed me what I yearn for. I don't want to have to guess what you're serving. You were everything I wanted, nothing I needed, and yet I waited until you were no longer appealing. Until I was no longer hungry for your pro…

Reasons Seasons & Departures

I met a consistent Man Of God back in 2013. That year I'd met a few men proclaiming to be followers of Jesus, but their motives were tainted and proven to be misleading. The MOG Mr. Darryl Kendrick, never wavered! As with the other "proclaimer's" I checked all of his social media profiles and HE was consistently in great standing and agreement with God. So I befriended him because I longed for someone to study the Bible with. Someone that I could trust. We'd spend hours at a time conversing about our similar pasts and our new faith and dedication to it. Later that year he traveled to my State for a delivery, as he was a truck driver living in Texas at the time.
I alerted my daughter to take the short inner state trip to meet him, because although he was kind and genuine, I still did not know him. He bought us all breakfast, we joked about my not knowing if he was "a killer" and my daughter wasn't leaving my side while we got to know more about each o…