Sometimes Often Today

I want to pack up and run away. Or not pack up, just run away. The reason I never do, is because I can't settle on a real reason why. I don't know what I think I'll find elsewhere, that isn't sufficing here. The same barriers or frustrations may arise there too. My wanting to relocate would only be a physical change. The emotional things that are causing this urge, will still exist.
The person I need to run away from, is the side of me that's wanting to quit. The one that gives up for any and every little thing that is less than perfect. It only takes me about 3-5 minutes to shake that feeling of wanting to run, and delve into something I can do from within myself, for myself, that would bring forth such a comfort. I analyze the situation and decide it's not worth it to run away. So I begin to live again. Right here... Right now. Today...

Expressions and Impressions

I can't express too many times, how much I love the movie "Warrior", Featuring Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte to name a few favs. The movie evokes compassion and forgiveness. But more so, it exhibits how one uses a God given gift/talent to pursue and sustain goals. Use what you know best to catapult yourself, when other resources are scarce.

Beautiful Mess

I love this song! I hear things about me, here. It's lyrics contain descriptions of me, that a guy of mine would convey, if he were lyrically inclined and paying attention to my every way.  Pieces of my whole self...

In A Nutshell


In Honor Of The 80's

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Hey! Who's That?

Spend enough quality time with yourself, to be able to accuratetly and completely introduce yourself.
Some people find out about themselves inadvertently, from interactions with others. Get alone and quiet sometimes. Listen with your eyes, heart and mind. Don't settle on who they think you are.
Let all of who you find there, be presented. No pretense, no copycats, no frauds. The true newly discovered you!