I'm not exactly sure what is happening to me, but I'm changing and I don't mind it at all. Seems like every day, I'm doing something totally different than I normally would. Where I go, What interests me, and what no longer does is being swapped out, exchanged, grasped or eliminated. One of the most significant changes I just decided upon was to do away with my aquarium. I've owned an aquarium, up to 2 at a time for over 30 years. Today, I decided I've had enough. My 55 gallon tank has been a deciding factor on whether I stay or go for long periods of time. 10 years ago, I increased my liability insurance in the event of a disaster to a level beneath it.

I'm deciding to lower my set bars and expectations in a lot of areas in my life.  If it works in the moment, it could work for the long haul.  I've been more spontaneous. I'm accepting less and allowing more.  I'm evolving right before my own eyes.  Sweet!

To Run or Not

I admit to being a very moody individual. Some of my ill moods are provoked; while for the most part, they're antagonistic just for the heck of it. Either way, the key is to know the difference, ponder your decision carefully on whether to interact or not. Lately, I've noticed that my daughter's have chosen to stick around when I'm having a moment; which in turn, helps me to talk it out and return to a more tranquil personality. I can get to a level of anger that is so irate, it could cause bodily discomfort. I mean extreme anger. But within minutes I'm alright. All it took was for me to be able to express it. Them not running away, but listening and offering their genuine feedback, forced me to listen and turn from my moment of frustration. In that short time, I've acknowledged my mood and their being receptive of it. I love the fact they chose to stick around and hash it out. One even said, "I'm used to it. I know it won't last long." "…

I Said... In Publication

Today I released another e-Book(9). It's a compilation of proses, quotes and realisms of mine. It's in honor of my daughter's Birthday today. She loves purple and she hangs on my every word and fashions her life around them. For that, I'm humble and appreciative. I thought you'd like a better look at what "I Said..."
And it's Free!


I don't wear makeup, with the exception of a little lipstick or gloss. My hair is natural in the form of dreadlocks. I infrequently do my nails. And I don't shave my legs, because I don't see or feel any hair there. I'm perfectly alright with who and how I am. So if my appearance offends you, ... Blink.  Because I'm just passing through.
No law commits any of us to one another's presence. No matter who you are. I'm naturally pretty. Well groomed. Intelligent. Multitalented! And I smell amazing! Period!!

Loyal To The Mere Thought Of You

Just imagine the love, loyalty, commitment and respect that comes along with a sure thing. I put my all into the anticipation of you. Not because I have to. Not because you're promised to me. Simply because I wanted to. I always will, until I won't. Give me a sign... I've made the right choice.

Beautiful Mess - Repost from 8/27/17

I love this song! I hear things about me, here. It's lyrics contain descriptions of me, that a guy of mine would convey, if he were lyrically inclined and paying attention to my every way.  Pieces of my whole self...
{Via Twitter post 2/3/18}First tears of the day go to - Beautiful Mess - As I embark Because it's who I am and I LOVE this piece, this part...

One Single Day

There are 28 to 31 days in a month, and it only takes one of those days to make or break your life. You walk into a coffee shop and immediately get discovered by a talent agent. Your wisdom gets you catapulted 1 or more grade levels within one day of educational testing. You win a lottery or huge sum of money on your first attempt. Those are a few of the positive things that can be life changing in one day.

We all get curious and or busy, but here are some things you just don't allow in a day, as they could cause great disruption. You wouldn't leave your infant child unattended for one full day. Deciding to try recreational drugs for the first time. And although some people do, you wouldn't go all day without eating.

Stay ready! You never know when an opportunity will tap you on the shoulder. Be careful! Don't let something in, that you're not prepared to sustain. & If you can go 1 full day without doing something that's supposedly important to you, how mu…