Scaling Fifty

The measurement of a person's worth is usually done so on a sliding scale. Vayda shows up to battle life while other's go off hiding their tail. Pros and Cons and all the resolve that determine if he should pass, Rarely is there just one person that stands out and exceeds the mass.
A man of superior caliber doesn't have to boast or beat his chest. Especially when you speak his name and everyone knows whom you suggest. He's kind and forgiving and wise and handsome and there for you in every way. That's why it's easy as pie to wish such a guy an extremely Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Mr. Vayda L Smith. I wish you the very best of everything on your list. Thank you for being an exceptionally good friend.  ~Angela


For this world and all it entails.


I've been riding with this song(Addictive Love-BeBe and CeCe Winans ) on repeat all week.I had to pull over and let em flow. Every time I hear it, it produces tears. For numerous reasons, but primarily because I KNOW I am loved! So much favor! Thank You Jesus!

Stubby McBratworth

I dislike how stubborn and bratty I can and sometimes get when something doesn't flow my way.
I'm like a kid with a dirty diaper; that wants the candy off of a high shelf, to take to Disneyland
on a rainy day, but now I can't go outside. Then when it stops raining, I can't find my other shoe.

So now it's time to go to bed, ain't no more candy, and no one shows up for story time type ish.
I had a lovely my way kinda day yesterday; but today, here comes some of the noise I'ont wanna hear.

But I'm living and loving life. Being 5 dimes and some change still feels good, in spite of the let downs. Which are really minor, I might add. I'm just being a turd about some things that I have no control over. I can still smell em though! Humph...

Thank You Tomorrow

My Birthday falls on a Saturday this year, which is the Sabbath and also a personal day I take to relax, reflect and regroup from the days prior. Of course everyone that knows me, knows there is no way in "H-E- double hockey sticks" that I would EVER have a visitor or accept a physical invitation on my day. I leave no room for disappointments to myself , on MY day. Before and after, cool, but the 24th is closed. I wondered if I should at least answer the calls as they come in, and have decided against it. It would seem vain for me to open up my serene time to receive greetings, whereas I never answer for anything else on Saturday. For some reason, it feels greedy and narcissistic to "change face" to suit me. I believe I will text a short msg of gratitude the next day(Sunday) to show my appreciation. I highly appreciate any and all correspondence, along with the gifts I've already received, but Saturday is Saturday and I will keep it sacred. Maybe Sunday we can…

Here It Came

I do believe that what goes around comes right back around, and I'm witnessing some of it now with my young adults. I was a very young mother, so the amount of frustration I experienced as head of household was indeed heavier than most. There were times when what I endured from their juvenile bad behavior, felt like hell on earth. But now that I made it through; and we all survived me as an inexperienced teen to young adult mom, it can now be seen as pebbles and small rocks thrown at me, compared to the stones and boulders being tossed in the paths of my "kids" as parents today. They are frustrated, angry, dazed and confused, when they should be like, "Oh, there's my shat. Right there where I left if for mom to clean up, only bigger". I'm sorry that they are going through it because they are still my babies and I wish no ill days upon them, but as I stated earlier, this is YOUR boomerang. It's been chucked out and there's no way to avoid it'…


So, I stopped eating animals in September 2017 and possibly a month before; however, I couldn't  find any documented proof of it. I identify closest with a Pescatarian lifestyle, being that I do still consume eggs and dairy, while enjoying all once favored seafood. Very seldom do I get an urge for meat, and when I do, I opt for pork cracklings. Something about the fried out pork fat that satisfies the yearning. I've made my way through several brands of processed meat substitutes, finding that the flavor is not a bigger issue as the texture is for me. I can infuse any flavor I'd like with the array of seasonings and spices I have on hand, but can't readily alter the texture of some of the overly chewy soy based items.
I changed my consumption habits due to health concerns. Primarily digestion and elevated cholesterol. My physician didn't suggest it, as a matter of fact, she has no idea of the elimination from my diet. I'm not due to see her as yet. She knows t…