Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Corporate Countdown

Don't be the unfortunate victim.
So many are losing homes and vehicles due to the loss of skilled labor. There are no safe havens. No sure routes. You must have a skilled hand at something you can execute on your own. Ask yourself, what am I good at? Who's always asking me to help with this or that because my way is more effective/efficient?
Does getting the job done fall into the category of what the consumer is looking/paying for? Regardless the deed, if there is a need, and you're good at it, make it count for you. Having something to fall back on when the pink, blue or what ever the "going" color for that dismissal slip is, gets handed down, will at least keep you financially afloat in between suits and ties.

Don't be afraid to present yourself, try it out on friends and family. They'll usually be your worst critic; if they are honestly on your team, for better or for worse. If it's a go with them, you may be on your way to self sufficient success.