Monday, May 16, 2011

Literacy For Life

Everyone knows someone that is challenged by literacy. It's not pleasant for that person. Have you ever wondered what it's like to go some where with a group of people, and not be able to read a menu? How about being asked to read something, and declining; blaming that, "you don't have your glasses". I've heard them all.

It's no laughing matter. It embarrasses them, and sometimes can lead to depression, social anxieties and maybe even suicide. Reading is an important tool of communication. Communication is an important tool of life. There are other forms of communication and definitely more important tools of life. Being able to read and write, helps one to become more independent. It allows you to present your self. To defend yourself. To express and extend...

There are all types of literacy challenges. Visual, Cultural, Traditional Alphabetic. The list goes on.I'm not saying that it's up to you to personally teach or help that person. However, pointing them in the right direction of someone, place or thing that can, is the most selfless thing you could do for them. Buying books just the way some or most of us were introduced, you remember... Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Berenstain Bears, all of those "my first book" series. Using everyday food and clothing items to identify alphabetical or visual challenges. Starting there is a beginning at any age.

You're never too young or old to learn...

Education has no expiration date.