Sunday, December 30, 2007

Acknowledging The Men

There have been tributes paid to a lot of people for various reasons. We tend to scarcely point out the good, but frequent the bad in an individual. Sometimes we whisper or note to "others" what kind of impact a person has in our lives. We seldom take out the time to say out loud, "Hey, I sincerely like, love and or appreciate you"

Today, my blog is ode to one of my three son in laws G.E.F. I'm using his initials out of respect for his privacy. He has presented himself to me as one of the wisest, kindest, selfless, men, friend, father, husband and son-in-laws, that a lady, child, mother and mother in law could ever hope for.

Do you know(of course you don't, so I'll tell you)that, today, he got in that kitchen all clean, groomed and groovy; and birthed ME a collaborated cookie. Yes he did. I had a small part like telling him what suits my palate. He ran with it and came up with... "Holiday Bliss"... Yes, my cookie has a name.

It contained Oatmeal, Pecans, Cranberries and White Chocolate. Ok wait... Hold On... Wretch around and wipe it off. Yes, I'm drooling all over my lip region. Did you see where they were ummm, JUST FOR ME?!!


Of course he does other things to warrant being an outstanding son-in-law; I just wanted to draw warm, buttery attention to the particular fact that, they were just for me. Not a sample, not a few, but round bout 2 or more dozen just for my greedy, really don't need em, but I made a special trip to get em, and sat there and watched him bake em, wit 3-4 other varieties, tasting em as quick as the timer could suggest they were ready, even tho I was, butt!
Y'all don't hear me...

Not just for the cookies, but for all that you represent. I love you First name G., Last name.F and am most fortunate to have you in our lives!

Do or say something nice from the heart, about someone in your path. I bet they'll appreciate it!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sc "rambled" Transitions

Has anyone seen my...
How can I put this?
My uhhh, Will Power and Self-Discipline

There was a time when, if I thought it, I could position it into existence.
Wanting to do and be better at what ever I am lacking in. Being able to say, I can do it. Guess what...I can't right now.
I never wanted to speak that word and let it ride. You've been told your whole life, never to say you can't. I'm sure that I can, somewhere within myself. I've just misplaced that switch. My "positive" package has been misplaced or lost amongst, the "used to be" box. Perhaps it was buried along with my belief box. The one that contained my confidence and certainties.(((shrug)))

Yes, I've looked under there. Uhh hum, looked over there too. I doubt if it's been stolen. I don't interact with people that would do that to me. The last time I saw it was, uhh, wow... it's been a minute. Maybe I've gotten too comfortable with myself, and felt no need for enhancements. How could that be though? There is always room for improvements.
The first thing I wanted to do was associate the loss with age. You know, getting so consistent with the way I move about on the day to day, that I never stopped to think; being sedentary for a long time, could harm me. Mentally and physically. I was once prophesied to be still. I've been still for so long. Don't get me wrong, I've actually enjoyed the break from the hustle and bustle, but I'm sure I wasn't supposed to halt my anticipations, my desires, my ability to achieve. You can bet your bottom dollar, that I was not supposed to give up on myself. I haven't, never will.(((slighted brow raise)))

Entertaining the thought of being a better me, has been just that, mental entertainment. I'm not putting forth an effort to have those thoughts transpire into realities. You feel me yet?OK let me put it this way... I visualize myself in a better place mentally, physically and financially. However, I have forgotten how to proceed with making it happen. I start a plan and give up, without completion. I intend to advance, but inadvertently fall back.
(((blank stare, sigh and pause)))

Give me a minute, I'll find it...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Music DOES soothe the savage beast...well Me anyway

Ahhh, listening to good music can take you far beyond a gloomy, boring effortless day. You don't have to know how to dance. And, as long as you keep it on the low, you don't have to know how to sing either . HOWEVER...If you decide to share your pretty little voice, it'll help to know all the words. (hence the links)

I can be sitting around doing nothing and loving it. I would be laying around getting bigger, and hating it. Something clicks... girl, get up and listen to some music. All types of music. All genres, all day all good!

Hmmm... lets see; first to gradually get my blood flowing, I'll listen to a bit of this. Now I'm up, got love on my mind, so I decide to mellow out a bit with a few tracks of this and that.

Ok just a tad bit too relaxing, I feel myself slipping back under, so I flip the script and toss on some of this. Yeaaaa, that's it. Get up yawl... lets shake this, bounce that. Now that blood is reeeeallly flowing. You done started cleanin, and dancin and smilin and blushin and sweatin and oh, ok.

See what listening to a lil music can do for ya?!

Get up!
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