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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greetings ~N~ Gratitudes [repost]

Was that too bad?! I have my anti social days; however, speaking to a passer by won't cost you a thing(in most cases, lol). It just sticks my buttons when I've spoken to someone and they ignore me as if I've offered verbal anthrax. I'm learning to not let it bring me down and it darn sure doesn't provoke me to never speak again.
[I just had to repost this because it's not just confined to person to person greetings. Via email, text, or snail mail also apply. Geesh, get over yourself and acknowledge that you've been acknowledged]

I've placed into consideration, that perhaps I didn't speak loud enough or the recipient may be audibly challenged. Which ever the case may be, it should be part of your human nature to extend some sort of greeting(verbal, a smile or wave) when approaching anyone.
Good bye...


Thank you...
Did I owe you that?! Was I assigned to be your door opener?! Did my kind verbal gesture just happen to fall into your "due to you" category, where no extension of gratitude should apply?!

Why is everyone so angry and not being able to confine it to the source. Or do what I do, stay inside if I'm having a less than friendly day. Seriously, I do. I experience days that I get up, and roll my eyes at the reflection in the mirror, lol...But on those days, if I don't have to interact with the public, I just don't. I know most of us have heard the saying, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothing at all". Yea... No... This is different. What could the response alternately be to someone that has just held a door open for you, "Shut that *&#! door right now, you @%*&"? Maybe geeeez...

Well, point is... There is no outstanding balance due, for being polite and respectful of one another. If you feel as I do about all of the above
You're welcome...