Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Is Contagious

This is a disease I didn't know I could catch and pass on.

Growing up, I don't remember having it, I don't recall receiving it. What was a hug, and why is it being extended. How could I ever define the word Love, when as a child, I rarely heard or felt it.

By the time I realized, that love didn't come in the form of a Christmas or birthday gift, I had wasted so much time, searching for the physical sense of the "word".

The closest I came to finding love, was opening my favorite bag of chips, playing with that favorite toy, hearing my favorite song or wearing those oh so special jeans, that would later attract a false love.

I never went to the clinic, for the love booster, nor was I immune, so why didn't I catch it.
Finding out later that love is developed. It is a mutual feeling expressed by people, to show an emotion of solicitude and affection.

It wasn't until I bore and raised my children, that I subconsciously experienced love. We have an old fashioned rule of "show and tell", we play it every day. Showing love for one another.

Who knew. We all are infected. We don't mind. It doesn't phase us. No one can keep us from spreading it. Now it has been propagated to my grandchildren and they're love sick as well.

So go right ahead; quarantine us, but place no cure here. It's our plague, we caught it from each other. We'd be sicker without it...