Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mmmm vs Hmmm... What is that smell - Repost

Cold doesn't kill everything. So even in this frigid winter season, you must follow procedure.
I love inviting scents. Whether on someones person or within an area. I've taken the time to list some recipe's that promote good scent-ual hygiene and house keeping. You'd be surprised at how many people should see and utilize these tutorial tips. It's not at all a laughing matter, I'm just saying.

I've also listed some tips on Cause and effects of the happy nose invaders

For Your Person
1. Start with a clean body. ie., Bathing, Showering, Brushing and Flossing.

2. Immediately apply scented or non scented skin moisturizer

3. Apply your favorite scent. I am one that likes to smell good even while I sleep. It helps to produce a more peaceful slumber.

For Your Home
1. Begin with a clean home ie., Having every item in its intended place. Assuming all places have been dusted and or polished.

2. Remove all trash. Using a smaller trash receptacle will insure more frequent trips to the outside bins. The larger the trash can, the more time it takes to fill, hence the longer your garbage remains inside, releasing it's ghastly odors.

3. Keep floors swept, vacuumed & mopped.

4. Dishes left over night are an extreme eye sore to humans. However, an invitation to party, to insects and rodents.

5. Dirty Laundry... is Dirty Laundry. You've already determined it was dirty, don't let your guests second the opinion. Get er done!

6. Finish up with scented oil plug-ins, candles and fresh air. Open something; a door, window... weather permitting, every now and then. If only for a few minutes.

If you smell it, so do we
If you drop it, pick it up
If you're done, throw it away
If you spill it, wipe it up &
If you've worn it, wash it out