Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis The Season To Be Stress Free

The featured gift boxes below are simply decorative. They are indeed attractive casings, but the true gifts lye outside of them.

Happy Holidays to one and all...
Every since I can remember, my "children" were the only ones to receive material gifts from me. Every now and then someone would get a gift obtained monetarily. This was however, a rare occurrence.

I have always been up front about my beliefs and felt, as long as my home was open to anyone that was hungry, lonely or wanting to be amongst warmth and love, my place would be on their list of choice.

True giving comes from the heart, and as long as everyone is Happy, Healthy, Nourished and Together, we have the greatest gifts of all.

It wouldn't hurt to extend an offering to a Higher Power. How? You could give by sacrificing something that brings you joy, comfort and such; not smoking for a day,(longer would be great) not accessing the Internet, leaving the television off, passing up your favorite treat, volunteering to a cause of interest etc. You get the picture.

Have a heartfelt holiday season and don't forget to Pay Honor And Respect To Your Faith!