Saturday, May 21, 2011


Are you or do you know someone that suffers from Bipolar Disorder? There are numerous medical terms that sum up the many mental impairments that exist, but when one suffers from more than a few at a time, it can often be determined as Bipolar.
Depression, Social Anxieties, Panic Attacks, PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Dysfunction) ummm this is like, PMS 5x's or more multiplied, OCD, Personality Disorders I could go on but I'd like to stop there, I'm getting dizzy.

Usually, once a diagnosis has been made, the first thing the doctors do, is try to match you with one of many anti anxiety or anti depressant drugs. I refuse to take something that alters or basically masks the problem. You know... one minute you feel as if you're going over the edge, you take your prescribed dosage, and you're all better. Wait wait uh oh... you're not ALL better, you've just been subdued until the next scheduled dosage of the masking agent.

Most people are and have been successfully treated or suppressed from medicines and psychological counseling. But what works for me, is to get in touch and familiar with my impairments, and avoid people, places and or situations that provoke them.

Excuse me, what's that? Yes of course; as I've stated in my brief bio, everything I speak of, has some relevance or significance to myself. I suffer from at least four of the above listed impairments and a couple of others that aren't listed. I am not ashamed of it. Telling others only helps them to further understand my actions and lacks there of.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder is not just a woman's disease. Children and even men suffer from the exact same impairments and more and more of them are speaking up. It's not an ailment of fault or abuse, and is often bought on by a neurological or chemical imbalance. There are however, individuals that attempt to self medicate with drugs and alcohol, which lead to a more elevated state of the problem.

Would you believe that some of the most brilliant minds and even some psychotherapists themselves, have at some point in their lives, been challenged by a mental or psychological impairment.

The best thing you can do for a friend or family member that may be suffering from any such listed impairment, is to listen, accept and respect who and how they are. Ridicule is only buying your rejection from them. Taunting will get you all kinds of physically or verbally bent or beat up.(lol, violence is often not a result, however... don't go there if you don't have a way back)! Seriously, we have enough to deal with, within our selves.

If you have it in you, and know someone that is trapped in the ups and downs of any mental or physical challenge, let them know that you understand and will have the patience to familiarize yourself with their needs. Enough so to make them feel comforted by your acceptance!