Friday, January 25, 2008

Every Day at 4:17

Time is so fascinating. Have you ever just wondered, if it was at all possible, without planning, to do the exact same thing you were doing on Friday of let's say October 11th, 1996, that you did on Tuesday of umm March, 18th, 2003? That possibility is amazing. (No, I wasn't re-born as lady Einstein, I googled a calendar, lol)

I wake up every morning having nearly the same systematic routine, as the day prior. I happen to think about that from time to time. Is this it? Will this be my forte? The ability to accurately recall time. Never writing it down. Never rehearsing it. Just somehow, doing something and looking at a clock, and saying hey, this happened yesterday at the same time.

I have a small dwelling, yet I have 4 hanging clocks. This does not include, the microwave, stove, 4 phones and 2 video devices that accurately display the time. The biggest part of a trip to me, is what time I'll wake up, what time I'll leave, how long I'd commute, what time I'd arrive and the biggest is, how long I'll sit staring at the clock, because I've arrived much too early.

Do you ever see the time displayed and say to your self(or out loud, it's no biggie or test-lol) "that's so and so's birthday"? Like every time I see the time as 3:24, I automatically think of my birthday and perhaps what association that has with what I'm doing at that particular time. So if I'm watching a great movie and note special attention to a scene where let's say...12 dogs are running in a pack; Does that mean that my forte will be to pursue a position as an Animal Control Officer? lol

I actually think of this kind of "what if", from time to time.Well, I've gone on long enough about that. Oh it's 8:16, wonder what my buddy Jan will do for her birthday this year?!
Bye, I'm running late.