Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Married to the Keystroke

Is it you that I admire or the pen you push

When you jot it all down, I can hear you

The way you woo me with your high definitions

The way you comfort me when I'm feeling slighted

Am I naive to think it's you that spell bounds me

That everything you express from yours is mine

You share your soul with me like we have a destiny

But ctrl alt shift and delete stand between us

I anticipate your word play

I thrive to take it all in

Others take you for granted they don't file you as I do

Damn I feel so giddy

So reinvigorated

We flow naturally together no hindrance or fault

How come we can't just meet here periodically

To smile over each others hands

To bend our fingers in perfect alignment

What really stands between us

Not like a space bar or shifts

Something more permanent like "Cap locks" and "Back spaces"

Please say you get it

My home keys are sticking

F1 can't help me

I don't intend to esc this

The feeling is invigorating

I'm hoping you get a similar placement in your heart

When you find me with-in your focus

Do I want to enter into a duration with you


I Do