Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MY FIRST TWI(Talking While Intoxicated)

I've never had a moving violation. Never had a warning of any sort. Had a few personal check ups from the neck ups. Never felt the need to check my self on any of em. They held no measurable weight. I'm not a repeat offender!

But this here T.W.I...

Wow, some would say no big deal. Some would say get over it. Some would not say anything; just let it go down as another inebriated sack of sentences.

I was exchanging correspondence with this highly talented, desirable young man, when all verbal hell broke loose. You see, what had happened was. I started drinking, nothing serious, just a recap from my holiday shelf. When I logged onto a frequently visited web site; In which I've had the pleasure of conversing with a wide range of individuals. Most are just time passers. Some are merely soul searchers. A few should not be over looked, as they may serve as partner material for some one. But there's this one, intellectually stimulating, too good to be true, highly honorable stature of a man, that has peaked my interest.

I anticipate his presence, I crave his attention, I, I, I yearn to sit where he sat and walk near where he went. I can't explain it but, when he speaks to me, our exchange of alphabet, forms some of the prettiest, most entertaining sentences.

Well today, I got clumsy. I stepped outside of my square, verbally, led by alcohol and didn't play fair. At all. He may say, "it's no biggie, more of a now you know sort of occurrence" Except, he'd place it in a more artistic manner, which is ambiguous to most.

I feel him though. I can decipher his codes. We are of the same...

Some bridges that shouldn't be crossed are getting passable. For months I've admired his profile. For weeks I've had the pleasure of acknowledging his literal tongue. For one day, I put my freaking foot in my mouth.

Today's foul lesson was produced by spirits. I've apologized to the young professor. I anxiously await tomorrow, cuz 2day he didn't see me, it wasn't me, I never showed up...

It was the alcohol

The offender

That damn TWI