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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picking Your Corner

I've been registered and have voted every since I was 19. I'm not sure how I felt back then, having the right to do so; however, now I feel as if I'm a major part of something. Even if my candidate of choice does not win, I know that just as many opposers went out with the same intentions. To be included.

It surprises me how many people have never voted. How many people aren't registered. Yet, those are the very people who stomp around saying, "The winner sucks". Or, "I demand a recount". Wow, no matter how many times a recount would be performed, there's no way at all, that a "sleeper", will aid in producing a better outcome. Which at this point, would be too late.

No, I'm not a very political person. Yes I dislike having so many campaign flyer's crowd my mailbox. But I do read them, in an attempt to make a fair decision. I've even worked at polling sites well into the night. That was not a problem, I was making sure everyone was given fair honest recognition.

In conclusion, don't be so quick to yell foul, if you're not a part of the fight. Vote for someone, anyone.