Saturday, May 21, 2011

Picture This

When was the last time you just laughed until you thought your jaw would lock. I have a few friends, but mostly family members that can get me laughing to no end.
A few of my favorite laugh out loud movies are, ok ok... what about in Black Sheep when Chris Farley is being drug by his tie, caught in a locked trunk with sparks flying from his belly. What about that kid and Spry ass Granny always offering to make sandwiches in Bad and Badder Santa?
Or on Bandits when Billy Bob Thornton wakes up and yells, "Beavers and Ducks" what was that all about?! Yes, and on Elf, when Will Ferrell is experiencing an escalator ride for the first time, with his legs gapped at 6:00?! ROFLMAO...
Happy Gilmore's(Adam Sandler)Grand mother being told she could get a warm glass of shut the hell up by the "orderly" when requesting milk. Ben Stiller in anything cracks me up and even though this ended b/sadly, I loved hearing Samuel Jackson and John Travolta exchange hilarious lines in Pulp Fiction, Royale with Cheese.
Laughing is such a healthy effective cure for darn near anything. When my kids were sick growing up, as long as they didn't have anything contagious, I'd let one of their closest friends visit and they'd play and laugh until the ailment was history.
So when something has you in a rut, arm yourself with a good movie or a funny friend and you'll forget allll about it.