Friday, September 28, 2012

Seasonal Transitions

Springing back from the bitter cold of Winter
Falling far from Summers heat, I'm quenched
Watching leaves blow, rustle and glide
Toward a pool of lust that dwells deep in the eyes
Wishing for rain to calm my thirst
There is no relief from what gets here first
Giving absolute power to the scenes rearranged
Drawing attention from the chill
Redirecting toward the warmth of a soul unchanged
However it's phrased, is there no end in sight
For what I've endured on any given seasonal night
It's morning now, I go untouched
By the sprinkles of laughter that reside in my gut
Maybe come noon, I'll heed one more lesson
That living this span, has been my wisest blessing
Closing the window to block out the storm
Accepting the changes of temporary reform
It's pouring inside