Sunday, January 6, 2008

Spoiled Brat **

***(((stomping around kicking shyt)))

Don't I have a right to express my emotions

Am I wrong to speak up if something gets my "panties in a bunch"

I'm not too grown to want and expect things to go my way

Who says when you have children leave the pouting to them

Is it selfish to whine about situations we can't control

Do I honestly care that some of you will think I'm being silly

Will it matter if no one "plays" with me anymore

The world won't cease to go forward because I'm in a frenzy

Just because mine is also yours in terms of space

I can't expect you to move over

When you tell me no that doesn't mean you don't care

You say it's for my own good I say it sucks

After I calm down will there be ice cream

If I count to 10 will it change the outcome

Since we must be in the same room together

Does it matter that I keep rolling my eyes at you

I will cook your dinner

I will do your laundry

I will cuddle under you while I sleep

I will "comfort you" when we wake up

I will converse with you about what happened

I will be fair and understanding next time

It will happen again
It will have the same scenario

It will be a constant battle

We will fall out

We will make up

We will be alright

At least I will

I always get my way
(((sinister grin)))

**Punctuation marks, reasoning, logic and maturity purposely omitted because I said so
***No shyt was harmed nor broken during my random stomping and kicking