Sunday, January 6, 2008

U + I =1

Get on your mark, Set.... stop

Race wars, Race relations, Race discrimination, Race race race
OK if it's a race, who won? Who lost? Who tied...

We are not that different, why are we defined by our skin tone. We shouldn't be identified by our ethnicity, but by our actions, our movement's, our qualities, our one selves.

Who cares that you don't like me. Let it be because I talk too much or not enough.Who cares that I don't like you. Perhaps it's because of your arrogance or ignorance.
Being racially descriptive is just wrong. You can do it like this,(I know you can because I practice and utilize it with my own family) find other ways to identify a person that you speak of or refer to.

Hey, that new girl with the great brown shoes is really nice
Could you ask Harold, the really tall guy, to help you with that
Did you know, that the couple wearing matching outfits, own their own art gallery
I never pointed out the race of the people, however, made distinguishing attributes, that suggested I was speaking of them.

Most of the time, the easiest way for someone to associate a person would be to grasp that they are of a different color. Why is that?

Instead of seeing our differences as color, make our separation unique by drawing attention to an article of clothing, a hair style, an action or simply an area of interest or distance. (IE., the guy way over there or the child immediately to your left)

See how easy that is? Well I've spent enough time on this subject. I'm sure I will encounter more lessons in traffic today. Yes I'm heading out now and am certain to be cut off by "some asshole"!

Point made