Friday, January 27, 2012

Who IS That?

Am I the only one left that can honestly admit who I am? I've had people shy away from my admitting to be moody. We all have our days and times when we are not the same as yesterday or a few weeks back.
The advantage of knowing gives an approacher the heads up to proceed with caution. It's all about the approach and reception. You'll never know how I'm feeling if you've spent the majority of time contemplating asking. Or at least being considerate and respectful of the fact that, today may not be a good day. However, your reward is that it just may be; or, that your greeting has made for a better one.
Wouldn't you rather know that the person you're dealing with has some flaws? We all have them. But wouldn't it also let the person know that you have a sincere interest IN them and not confining your interaction TO them being in the best of moods always?

Don't run away and say, uh oh... this is not what I signed up for. Yea it's cool to choose not to be subjected to a bad or altered mood, but show some concern if it means anything at all to you. Challenge me to a better day or temperament.

I can go as easily from numb to nice in the same 0.3 seconds that I can go from brilliant to bitch!

A provoked mood swing is far worse than a neurological one. If for some reason my mood shifts from tame to tart during/after an encounter with you, then by all means, Of Course..... Hurry up and run! Because YOU have lit that match, however it would not be feasible to stick around until it burns out.

I have my days where you'd be better off walking thru a Lions Den in Pork Chop Pants, than to have messed with me. And then there's days where, you'd pray to a "Higher Power" to not have our shared time end. I can be your most favored life experience. It's totally up to you.

Oh and today is a good day. I just felt like pointing this out.
Now...which one of me, would you like to meet?