Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Acquiring these Giuseppe Zanotti Boots

I am in no way a materialistic person. There is no way I would pay $513.00 @49% off of $998.00 for a pair of anything, well maybe a couple pair of tires for "my baby". Would I accept them as a gift? Maybe, but I would often question, what else I could have used the money for.

Just what would a girl have to do to receive such a gift? There is nothing someone could do to justify such a purchase. Is there? How much breakfast can one man eat? How much fellatio can a girl perform to suffice as equal value to them there boots? I know, some are just that good at it and could perform it once and be done with it. Ahem Ahem, excuse me...

So I ask this question, what would you do for material gain? Huh, what's that? Why am I asking questions and am unable to receive an answer? Oh the comment block, yea no... I don't really want an answer; I've already formed my own opinion. Being that this is my blogspot, I can do that, so ummm yea, what, what, what would I do for those boots? Hmmm, let me pull them off and relax while I make up an answer to this. I'm not telling what I had to go through, but they sure look good with my new jacket! (wink)