Tuesday, February 5, 2008


After all we've been through together, you may find it hard to believe that, I'm not happy. I think it's time we ended this.We've shared so many fond memories, dating back to our teen years. No one made me feel as welcomed and appreciated the way you did. Yet the time and love we share must end today.
You used to look into my eyes and smile as if you've seen gold. We took long walks from sun up to sun set, holding hands along the way. I especially loved the way you ran my bath water and lined the tub with candles, having my favorite jazz playing softly in the background, and just the right amount of my favorite wine to get me in the mood.
I'd join you in the den, with seafood and berries, where we'd feed each other until we'd have our fill. We carried on as if no one else mattered. There will never be another as attentive as you. No one else will share that special bond we have.
But John... I'm writing you this letter now because, we can't go on pretending that I'm not married to your brother, Adam. He's bound to come out of that basement one day, and see you running from our room. He's sure to question why you sold your home to open me a beauty salon. Or why I drive your Lexus when you are dodging traffic on a 3 speed bicycle with no seat.
Let's stop this before someone get's hurt.
I'll always love you, your sister in law