Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doing Without, Giving or Taking Too Much

When you've had so much, you'll miss the slightest withdrawal if you put too much attention in the actual value or meaning of your treasure. Treasure is valued as anything that brings a welcomed relevance, joy, excitement, enlightenment, wide measure or comfort level into your presence and existence. So my point is, everyone has treasure in all they possess, it's never just confined to monetary or material acquirement. Simply anything that you hold favor to.

Being overly attentive to the object or occurence, is what makes us feel sad, or slighted when it's taken away. We can and will appreciate an abundance or overwhelming gravitation toward the "artifacts" and such, but paying a tad less attention to them, makes them or the experience develop a sort of newness when it's fell in love with all over again. Like, walk away from something, spend some time apart from it or their view. The next encounter will have that same breathtaking effect. Yes, I know... sticking around never parting company with the "gem" is still breathtaking and we like it for all its worth in it's presence or absence. However(for me anyway) I do bore easily and something once cherished, quickly loses topicality; therefore, I need to frequent an interest but not overly dwell in it; or I'll get mixed or caught up!

I'm learning to step back, but more often than not, I didn't step back soon enough and sustained paper cuts to the heart when the object, scene or situation changed or becomes no more.

I am a big giver, but admit to being a bigger taker. Hold on hold on... not a sole material or physical take per se, but an over taker of time, affection, space and emotion as well and the slightest withdrawal of such, is noticed immediately and is owed to my pulling for TOO much. Even if I didn't pull for it and it sort of just came about to my liking, It played an interest and existence to me, that I became accustomed and fastened to. The separation bleeds.

So, do give, take, admire, and appreciate; but be very solicitous to not becoming irreversibly engaged to your interests!