Monday, February 4, 2008

Edible Enemies

Why Do Men Break My Focus? I can be getting along just fine, and ooops there goes my shirt, up over my head. Ooops there goes my pants all off my legs. Etc. Etc. Etcetera.....
Why Does Chocolate Break My Focus? I can be getting along just fine, and ooops there goes my crave, beyond just one. Ooops there goes my will, the bag is half gone.

My focus is to get my physical demo down, in a plan to present the mental me in a more attractive fashion. I know I can rise from the state I'm in now, but I really am trying to focus on recapturing my youthful, or at least early adult appearance. I thought my body was a curse at first. It attracted men of every age. It became a down fall because I was constantly fighting off perverts and guys that only wanted to feel my ooh. Not too many were interested in learning from and about the entire me. Now that my vessel is uh, let's call it "ship wrecked", the pirates still attempt to board.

I want, need, desire and require more than that. I'm very smart. I am a great cook. I am a lot of fun. I like to fish and play tennis. I love to laugh. I am a genuine supporter of my mates dreams. I'm independent and reliable. Why does he only see what's beneath the panty line? Maybe it is all my fault. Whenever there was a guy that liked me for more than a physical good time, I pushed him away. I deemed him the nerd. Now I would like to order ummm, 1 nerd, 1 goofy and a side order of respectful geek, to go. Oh yea, and can you seperately wrap, a 1/4 pound of dark chocolate covered blueberries?

I tend to be more attracted to the bad guys. The one that will challenge the tom boy, yet cater slightly to the brat in me. Making me work for the joy I seek. Why can't I place that same work in the me I seek, from me? To produce a better me! I have some of the cutest lil outfits that will never go out of style. I've seen some of the cutest lil outfits that would represent my personality without my having to say a word. Can't fit em...(((sigh)))...yet!

I never will meet my goals, as long as "studies" show that dark is a great form of antioxidant. I look for one that is rich, but will settle for a lesser combination of a peanut butter filled, soft decadent piece. Uuuugh, why can't I be stronger?

Men Men Men... and Chocolate
Is there a reasonable cure for either, to ward against sabotage, ill fitting clothes and disaster?