Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting TOO Personal

One of my issues of communication, is that I am "some timey" I will admit that, and have. You may catch me on a good day and I am all talk. A little flirty and overly informational. I am however, honest. And will not hold back on what must be stressed and or addressed. If at any time I don't respond, I'm either unavailable, or you have caught me at an inopportune time.

The one thing that I have grown to despise is that freakin IM (Instant Messenger). That thing can be a gateway to all things personal. It is one of the first things "some men" ask for in an initial conversation. Yea it makes for quicker communication. But once you give that ID out, your privacy is often invaded unless you are "ghost" which I often am, I'll admit. By the way, I always tell someone at first, "I'm hardly ever on there and am really not into using it". Nor and especially that darn web cam. My main use of the "msngr" is to be alerted of anticipated mail.

Lately I've shut it off all together. One reason being that I have to now respect my "family" time. I have no problem exchanging an occasional hello, or a note or so between web sites in which I frequent. I may even make or respond to a flirty comment. But hey, it's just a time passer. Please don't take it so serious. I can be a pretty good associate, I won't call it friend, because that term/meaning is way bigger than the word.

If you'd rather call me a tease. A mood buster. A seasonal flirt. A louse. What ever your choice of words consist of, I'm cool with it. I've already admitted and warned of my moodiness. So be it what it may. We'll all get over it right? Or maybe not. Either way, "IM" gonna continue to be me.