Friday, February 22, 2008

Is it written that one has to stick to a fore mentioned or intended situation? I value my word, and want it to be taken for it's worth. However, I often say or do things without that guaranteed word. If it hasn't been written in blood or stone, it's erasable, correctable, reversible.

One thing about me, if I say I'll do something, then as long as I'm alive and healthy, I'll meet the obligation. If I start something, I can and will do my best to complete it. But... In some instances, I put my arm, leg and foot in my mouth. It's up to me to get it out.

When someone else's time and or heart are involved, the best way to remove an ill placed foot is by placing it in front of the other and letting it fall where it will. Point blank, just do it. If you've misjudged time, or something else takes precedence over the previous arrangement, speak up. Prolonging the procedure can cause more damage than leaving it alone.