Tuesday, June 8, 2010

**Why ?????

I'm feeling the shit outta Judge Mathis; however,
How is it that one can be thrown out of court and held in contempt for having physically expressive emotions? Rolling eyes or shaking of the head etc? A Judge can say in the form of a raised voice, exactly what he/she wants and a person being naturally defensive in nature is supposed to endure that and remain perfectly erect in stance while donning a smile. Yea right. I hope I'm never in court and a button is pushed because I'd be in immediate contempt. Just who/what in the fuck gives them the right to "swing" on me and I can't retaliate? I have fear of God and my Dad to a certain degree, because now that I'm an adult, there's only so much respect I can give him if none is being reciprocated. But no one else moves me like that in the slightest. Oh yea I am aware of a due respect to one's stature of seniority, but police officers and judges really kinda don't fit in to my being myself and expressing such by any means during communication, when anger is provoked by their initiation of ill emotion.

OR Ohhh... I get it, there is a clause in their title makeup that warrants them the right to direct order in any means at their leisure whether it's due or not. It can even be they got up on the wrong side of the desk and feel like fucking wit someone. Oh... alright. I just don't get it. Maybe I should get a gavel permit and be getting paid for my actions too; hell, I know some law with my attitude too.

*Pow* get the fuck outta here!! Ha... Lemme go google this shit.
[smh-rolling my eyes and introducing my middle one]