Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ode to the Wing Man

Aha made you look. Now what could be more appealing? This big saucy plate of Chipotle Lime Wings OR, Having your very own "wing man"? I'll choose the "Wing Man" and maybe just a lil taste of the C.L.Wings.

There is always a time in my day, not just my life but I require consistent input from my "wing man" EVERY DAY!! If I can't do it, my wing man can. If I can't recall it, my wing man can. If I can't spell it, my wing man can. You get the picture right?

I get in this rut where I'm not as fluent as I need to be, and may need an answer in a seconds notice. I don't always have time to grab a dictionary to find that very word to suffice as my point. What about being quick on ya feet with the perfect alibi?. Dang it, what's the name of that song it's on the tip of my tongue uhhhh, dang it... (((HEY WING MAN)))! That actor/tress is so talented you know the one that played in..... Awwww shyt, ummm, forget it, you know the drill(((Hey W.M.)))

All B.S. to the side, I probably could not exist to my full potential without the assistance acquired from...

My very own, from my very own, yes one of my very own, hailing from right tweence me, @5 ft. 6 inches tall, 141 lbs., my eldest, my lucky star, my wing man...

Mrs. first name. S., last name F. (29)

Wha? You didn't think I was going to give you her full name, so
you could order her for yourself did you? Get your own, it could
be detrimental to your best self, if you don't.