Tuesday, April 24, 2012

**Physically Expressing a Disagreement

:It's 2:08 a.m.:
(him)Good morning
(her)Good morning mmmm
(him)Are you sleeping good?
(her)Yes, Very Well, mmmm
(him)You sure ? mmmm
(him)OK, turn over...

(her)Ahhhhh shit ok wait
(her) What's this about? oooh shit
him) Hold on, you'll feel it
(her) mMMMMm, Baby what's wrong?
(him) Did we agree that ahhh, ahhh, clubbin would be at a minimal? For both of us?
(him):securing her:(she's a runner)
(him)You went anyway huh? :pound: huh? :pound:
(her)Yes but wait
(him)For what? Did you wait to consult me? huh? :pound:
(him) And you wore that short white dress too? uh uh
(him) Turn over, so I can see your eyes
(her)NOOooo but WAIT, ahhh shoot:turning over:

(her) BABEEEEE, Baby wait :loudly:
(him) Nope :gripping her tighter:
(him)shhhh, the neighbors
(her)Pleeeease, this isn't fair, ahhhh
(her) Can we compromise babeeeee pleaZZE??:scooting away:
(him) :POUND::POUND::POUND:(etcetera etc... etc...)
(him)where you goin?:relentless poundin:
(her)Oh shit, baby OKAAAAAAY:repetitive:

(him) :gripping her tighter:You feel me? ahhhh
(him) HUH? ahhhhhh
(her)yes.... yes...:panting faintly:
(him):soft kisses on her neck: do you?
(her) yesssh:tremblin:
(her)I feel you
(him)Did you understand my point? :more soft kisses:

(her):sweating: :sighing: yes
(him) I love you
(him):kiss on forehead: :relenting:
(her)I luh U back :sigh::palming the back of his head:
(her):very soft voice: I'm sorry
(him) Me too, just keeping order :sweating: :sigh:
(her) ok:sigh:
:drifting back to sleep::still intertwined at 3:19 a.m.:(them)