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Friday, February 29, 2008

Special Delivery

Today I have the welcomed task of conversing with my 8 year old granddaughter, about things that will find her in the very near future.

This is usually an occurence that a parent wants or should have first hand at, but in this case, the parents feel as if that particular line of questioning vs answers would best be delivered by Nana. I am honored to oblige.

More often than not, children are left to form their own opinions/conclusions to a situation; or receive ill information from peers, because a parent believes the age of gaining this knowledge is premature.
I on the other hand think that, at the earliest age of perception, valuable age relevant information should start being introduced.

Time is wasted thinking of the, "best way" to tell it. Making an effort TO tell it, is often the parents biggest mistake; therefore, however it's told beats not telling at all. Pad the surface with a snack and relevant g rated movie or book, smile, relax and get it done! I will note to be careful with the snacks and book/movie padding's, so that their presence doesn't become the highlight of the child's interest. The point is the special delivery, not the padding. So having them before or after the "sharing" still makes it a comfortable setting!

Ok, I'm going in....