Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Did The Chicken Do This Time?

It's funny how a slew of days can bring about the best and or worst in a person and a miracle or mess has been made quicker than than you can say, "what"??

I done almost, darn near, pretty much made more messes in the past few months than I've made in the last few years of my life. I do pat myself on the back for being able to recognize my slip ups, before they become ouches. I've learned to question my own motifs like... what??

Ok, chart this up and see if it sums the same as what I have down over here...

1 chick, 4 cats, and 5 hearts. If I take away the heart of the chick, and two of the cats, does the two dogs that's left deserve a fair warning that the game is over? Or, do I subtract from one more cat and the remaining dog just win by default? What did you come up with?

Yep, me tooooo, there were never any dogs, just that sly ass chick that led them all astray by being unfair within the rules of the game of "what"!

The moral of the game is to ask all of the questions up front, shake em up and weigh them against the anticipated answers. If the value of the actual answers are less than
what is expected, the chick has the option of continuing the game, without any more questions, in which her fate is sure to be a loss. Or, compromise on some of the answers and the cat with the most foul findings, is actually the winner because he's immediately eliminated; thus giving him an early out of the sour prize of heart break. Okay um, what? Exactly; nothing makes sense because the chick is the only one really playing the game, because the cats are unaware that none of this is for real.

What I think should happen now is that, all of the cats should team up and just kick...kick...kick...a whole bunch-a different sized rocks. Because this kinda shyt happens everyday and there are no real winners, just rocks in hard places.

What will that damn chicken do next? (((sinister grin)))
:lil bitch: