Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Personally & Emotionally Me

I don't like getting angry, but I do
I don't like crying, but I will in a heartbeat
I don't like premature assumptions, but I place them
I don't like being taken for granted, yet I am
I don't like crowds, yet I draw them
I don't like liars, but I've lied
I don't like haters, and I've hated
I don't like unfairness, I've slighted a few

I like to laugh and I do
I often cry when I'm happy
I like to form my own opinions
I am a good judge of character(sometimes)
I am painfully honest at times
I love so hard and easily
I love being desired
I crave knowledge and intelligence

I am a user
I am selfish
I am evil
I am judgemental
I am aggressive
I am overly suspicious

I am an abnegator
I am practical
I am expeditious
I am astute
I am agile
I am an enabler
I am Me emotionally