Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Flip Side of the Brat

I am also a very giving lady. I buy expensive and or highly desirable gifts for the man in my life or one whom deserves it. Not just holidays but because he's on my mind.

I cook any time every time you ask. I drop and retrieve plates. I keep your laundry fresh. Homefront bills paid. Sex anytime. I do talk a lot, some would say too much, but I will listen to you. I'll cry with you. If you are lost I'll clue you, not direct you. If you have a plan, I'll follow your lead. If it fails, I don't condemn you, I nudge toward a new, better, stronger plan until WE get it right.

I keep everything new and refreshed. So even though I have brat'ish tendencies, I am your best friend. If you can get past the occasional whining and pouting; spank this ass and let's keep it moving forward. The brat is just the term, the actions of a woman, my role perfected, is yours. Take me or leave me, the latter is your loss.

Now even though your girl doesn't admit to being a brat or down right bitch at times; You know she is, but is it more valuable to you to know upfront or guess her next move? Or have that realistic model of the ideal woman I wholeheartedly am?! Brat or not, I am a gem.
And I know this.....