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** At times my dialogue can be offensively direct. Although it is not my intent to pique you, I apologize to anyone that consumes literal litter that is beneath their preferred taste. Whether my posts are good or bad, if I'm learning or have learned from them, I'm enhancing to some degree.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Flip Side of the Brat

I am also a very giving lady. I buy expensive and or highly desirable gifts for the man in my life or one whom deserves it. Not just holidays but because he's on my mind.

I cook any time every time you ask. I drop and retrieve plates. I keep your laundry fresh. Homefront bills paid. Sex anytime. I do talk a lot, some would say too much, but I will listen to you. I'll cry with you. If you are lost I'll clue you, not direct you. If you have a plan, I'll follow your lead. If it fails, I don't condemn you, I nudge toward a new, better, stronger plan until WE get it right.

I keep everything new and refreshed. So even though I have brat'ish tendencies, I am your best friend. If you can get past the occasional whining and pouting; spank this ass and let's keep it moving forward. The brat is just the term, the actions of a woman, my role perfected, is yours. Take me or leave me, the latter is your loss.

Now even though your girl doesn't admit to being a brat or down right bitch at times; You know she is, but is it more valuable to you to know upfront or guess her next move? Or have that realistic model of the ideal woman I wholeheartedly am?! Brat or not, I am a gem.
And I know this.....