Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me 3-24

There comes a time when we get too old to expect that special cake. There is also a such time to not expect a gift. Often we don't hear a greeting from everyone that we hoped would remember. I always cherish MY day by spending it alone. I'll share other days in March, but I refuse to "plan" a potential let down. My birthday; the day I'll spend enjoying life, just as peaceful as I came into it 44 years ago. I thank God for all of my blessings and all that are yet to come! I won't fret over wasted time, I'll just make the best of what time is left.

From this year on; I am making a promise to myself to: Continue To Honor God, Stay Sexy, Be Productive, Spend Wisely, Save More, Enrich Goals and *Check Myself before I spit harsh grammer against another!

*Warning...this one doesn't start until my actual birthday and only after careful review of the cause!

So...with that being said, I'm lighting some candles, listening to soft music, and sipping something chilled, because it's my birthday...
Happy Birthday To Me!