Sunday, May 22, 2011

Metaphorically Speaking

If one more person tells me, "I shouldn't have said that". I only say things that are relevant or presumably so. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid, but if I have a qualm about an immediate issue that needs addressing, consider yourself, licked and stamped, because I will deliver it.
Especially if it has relevance or significance to me. Or is misleading to my establishment of friendship or partnership with you.

I don't claim to be perfect or the slight bit flawless, none of us are. If there is a problem or distortion with me, I can take hearing it. I will love or attend to the person no less for calling me on a prevarication of mine. So why must it always happen to me? I'm always critiqued for speaking up. People have stopped speaking to me, simply because I re-wrapped and dropped off back to them, their shit, that was originally intended for me to form an opinion of.

My intent is to bring the issue to the stand, confined to myself and the offender or the "actor" per se. In that I'm saying, just because I talk a lot, and am known to share a lot of my goings' on, I do know when to fold and keep my mouth shut. I won't let others determine our destiny by including them in our personal confusion.

To let someone continually make an ass of them self by way of me, makes me an ass for consuming the seemingly non truth and just playing along, to not hurt their feelings. My feelings are also hurt for you to think I am naive enough to fall for what ever you present to me.
Wouldn't we both be nurtured more so if we acknowledge the cake as cake and not a wedge of cheese?

I've often lost time and sleep pondering what if anything I should have said or done differently. I've seriously exhausted, exhausting myself. Once I give it back, it's no longer my problem. Fix that up, and apologize to me for a change. Admit your slip and trust me that it doesn't have to happen again. Try me, you can tell me anything and if I'm feeling you, interested in you, somehow connected to you... we can overcome any future discrepancies by telling the truth. I can take it. So give it to me straight, no chaser...