Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clarifying A Question

I get asked this question quite a bit and for those that know me,
have access and not asking, perhaps you're wondering. Or maybe
not and that's fine; this isn't amongst your cache' of answers.

First let me say that I know my idea of a "blogspot" may be
formatted a lil different from most. My "ventspot" is just that.
It's the second best place to find out what's up with me. If
sentences show up here on a more negative basis, it's the current
mode. I'm a very positive person and am most likely expressing
and applying that in my day to day off the screen.  

The question~>: Why don't I ever call? Ahhh... Me and my honesty.

Well for the majority, male and female; I just don't want to be 
vexatious. Or for some of you, you call me enough to where
there's nothing else to talk about. Sure, I can call and say hey,
how's your day. It's just not what I do anymore. However, that
doesn't mean I'm not thinking of or at a loss of concern for you.

I think what turned me off of doing a buncha chain calling(I know
you're not asking for that extreme, lol) is seeing how people
resort to using other peoples' phones and resulting to trickery
in attempts to get their call answered by one that appears to be
ignoring them. To have your call answered once stooping to the
aforementioned practice, when your identified call was rejected,
should be an enormous slap in the face. It's clearly you that is
being evaded. Please stop doing that. Don't call them back -
ever. Please? Could you do that for me? I'm embarrassed FOR you.
I've never done this. I find it self belittling and desperate.

Anyway... I make it evident that I'm available to speak at any
time. No one or thing regularly governs against it. When I'm out
of reach, be it business or respect for surroundings, my phone is
turned off. Most of you are busier than me, so when you are free
and want to converse, make it happen. I'll pick up. BUT... if you
make repeated attempts, get no reply, especially if you've left
concise voice and or fingerprints, I hear and see you, assume I
have no interest in pursuing. Not being vain, simply honest.
Surely you can respect that?! Okay? K... I'll call you later
(or maybe not)