Tuesday, March 25, 2008


From nowhere you came and brung everything
I lacked completion and you ended my search
We bonded like no other
Where were you
All of the years of my life, no one could help me
No one could do me, no one equaled me
I cried for you and didn't know it
I yearned for you, groomed and tested for you
You were right there and we never knew
The accidental yet familiar bond we shared
Was welcomed and natural
Who are you
Did you know when you approached me
That I was that other piece
The absence of your puzzle, finalization of your being
I know you, you are for me, I am for you
For all I thought I knew, you knew more
All the places you've been, our meeting place meant more
It's our turn, can we take it
Or do we wait another 30
Will it be minutes, days or years
Take your time, I'll be here
:looking around for you:
Hi... what is your name
Let's share it...