Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're Too Late

Where were you when I really wanted and needed you?
Why didn't you speak up?
Why is it that now, when no one else is checkin for you
You've decided to check for me?
Oh, I see you. Even though I'm no longer looking.
I see you because you keep showing up.
I saw you back in the day, even when you didn't see me.
I was your biggest fan.
I saw all the good in you, along with the bad, but yet
I would have been your sweetest thing.
You took advantage of my kindness
Disregarded my heart and advances
We could have made all bad days good together.
But you kept looking past me.
Someone else steps into play and now you want your spot?
It's taken, you lost it, it's gone, I'm gone.
That's too bad, I sincerely liked you.
Be careful, slight replicas of me are everywhere
But they won't possess the integrity
You could and temporarily found in me.
Keep your eyes open for the next good one.
She'll appear to be exactly like me.
Well Sir, It's been one
I've given too much attention to the past
Good bye...
Our futures are calling!