Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Betcha Thought I was an Angel(ha ha haaa)

Do unto others as you would "EXPECT" them to do unto you. The saying is no longer, as you would "LIKE" them to do unto you. That is a familiar imbalance. If I can do something for someone, I'll say yes right then and get er done. However, if I want that same likeness reciprocated, I pretty much have to put an add in the freakin paper. Because as it stands, no one that I currently have affiliation with, and or have assisted in any way shape or form can do not one freaking thing for me "IF" and when I ask. Which is rare. :sigh:

If I can't do something I'll say that right away, leaving them the time and option of acquiring other assistance. But nope not for me. I'll hear, "yea, sure, ok" but it never gets done. So from now on, anyone that needs or wants something from me will just have to kiss my ass. Point Blank.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it's the only way some people understand. And if you think this is about you... Like the other saying goes, if it looks and quacks like a duck... Yep, it is what it is. I'll holla. Or maybe I won't. Let's see how you fair without me for a change.

And um yea - no, I won't be apologizing to anyone that finds this offensive. How do you think I feel or felt when it occurred/occurs toward me. I'm serious, I won't even piss up your ass if your guts are on fire.

With that being said, heed the following messages:

(((do do doo)))
:The person you are trying to reach, says fuck you:
:Please do not try your call at a later date:
:As it will not be accepted:
:You may hang up, or sit your silly ass there in awe: