Sunday, May 16, 2010


I chose the name Multitalented1 because I consider myself to be just that. I have hands on knowledge and indirect professionalism in the areas of Culinary Art, Interior Design, Literary Arts, Cosmetology, minor Computer Tech and incomplete training in the Clerical field. I also have an interest in Psychology as well as the Justice system.

Just a few decades short of being classified a dinosaur[no disrespect to anyone at or approaching late ages-it's merely a self chosen title], I'm ready to further my education by obtaining a degree in one of the aforementioned studies. I just can't decide which. Any would come easy in the beginning because I know of and utilize each one in my everyday life and have acquired paying clientele in all areas. I've netted personal gain/benefit in the areas of Psychology and Justice practices. I could go down the line and do them all starting with the easiest which would narrow between culinary, clerical and cosmetology. I once won a literary scholarship based on a short novel submitted through some contest; however, I was young(mid teens) and never followed through on it. I even have a complete novel with a second near done and a third in mind. None published. Guess you can say, or here let me do it, I'm a quitter/slacker/procrastinator.

After completing an assessment of my personal career interests, I scored highest in Writing with a very close second in Art then Clerical. I believe I'm just not ready to commit to any summer courses beginning in June. Leaving fall enrollment wide open for October. Waiting could deter me; however, leaping could further confuse me and lead to another course in-completion. I'm excited about my test results and agree with the rate of interest in each field. My final decision will be determined by particular school locations, course offerings and durations. So far I've narrowed choices down to 5 institutions. I blogged last year on getting this done then to now(2010). I'm running late. I Better go...