Monday, January 25, 2016

Just One Girl

I don't know what they like, But I like for you to smell good. However, I won't leave you if you don't. We can work on that together.

I love to be talked to, about anything. As long as we're talking. When that stops, it all stops.

Tell me about your past. Your best friend. What makes you laugh or cry.

If something is wrong inside, tell me; we can share it, I have wrongs also.

I need your patience. Your understanding. I want to meet your family but if I don't, it's ok. I won't let that define us or measure my worth to you. If you don't like your job, That's your decision to stay or leave it. You have my support.

Don't like those drapes? Tell me, your opinion matters and I'd love to hear it.

A lot of relationships are fueled and based upon the opposite of what "one girl" will accept. One sided relationships are unhealthy. They may last a while, however, one or both of you are being short changed.
I've often made comparisons to a past relationship, however, to completely place a current situation in the mode of another, is unfair as well. Each individual deserves their own identity. Sure, recognize and learn from past mistakes, but don't presume that this is that or that is this, unless it really is.

Make new memories and keep your union new and exciting!