Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Didn't You Choose Me

Is it because I am not tall enough?
Or that my hair is short by choice?
Is it because my size is fuller
Than what you would like to hold?
Or perhaps I'm just not young enough?
Mid 40's is not that old!

Maybe it's that I talk too much?
My words are often bold.
But shouldn't you admire the one
That's apt to hold her own?
Could it be intimidation?
I am set in my ways.
I'd never try to out do you.
No matter what statistics say.

Too bad you didn't choose me.
We could have been top notch
Too bad you only favored
The jewels set in my crotch

You've spent your last chances
No way we'll go back there
I'm done pondering answers
To why I felt despair

Seems to me, I've won this one
This rant is not a whine
I'm actually better off right now
Someone stronger caught the line