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This Is Why I'm Hot(almost literally)

I know, you know, we all know that I can cook.
Today, I can openly admit that I can't boil water.
Let me clarify the above...

Yesterday, I decided to light some candles, do laundry, just some good ole gas money avoiding home time. The activities made me work up an appetite so my choice for lunch was oatmeal. I usually like to add blueberries and walnuts so it was going to be a sure treat. mmm can't wait.

Well, I put the water on, and waltzed over to my computer for a little play time. I figured that would keep me distracted long enough to take my anticipation off the water boiling. I only intended to stray for a couple of minutes.
Alright alright I'm getting to the point geez. I feel bad enough to have to tell it. Ok, I get on-line and discover that I have sooooo much mail because I'd been on a brief hiatus from one of my frequent playgrounds. Now I'm excited to see I'd been missed so I begin to reply and visit and participate to the measure of about 30-45 minutes. …


I have accepted the fact that I won't win Nana of the year. Not last year, this or the next.

I mentioned that I would be getting a weekend visit from one of my 8 grand babies, well that was prolonged until this wknd. At no fault of my own, but it's done so that's all that matters.

Honey chile................
I AINT GONE BE ABLE TO DO IT!! We had an okay yesterday; today started out iight, but I have been screamin and givin out check ups from the neck ups and wheww...
I AINT GONE BE ABLE TO DO IT!!! I decided, hey lets do my usual Saturday morning routine of shopping, early to beat the crowd. Well this one is a pouter(wonder where that comes from) :shrug: OKAY it's me, chill out. So if I didn't buy it, I got a brief silent treatment. Which wasn't too bad, this one's a talker like me, so I see just how annoying I can be at times. :smirk:

One of the biggest problems is that, I keep extreme order, up in here. I'm almost to the point of a yell, followed by about …