Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Trust Factor

Do you trust "them?" In some instances it's yes. But when it comes down to personal benefit, by way of support, honesty, care and concern, it's a no for me.

I place no measured value in the opinion, direction or actions of another. More often than not, we share pertinent information with an associate, spouse, sibling or offspring, just to get it out of us, or off of our heart or mind. Once you release it, it becomes "community" knowledge which can be recycled and used against you. I am fully aware of this, so if and when I share potential critical information, I TRY to carefully consider and limit it's delivery, so to not be damaged by it's return.

Bottom line, wall or ceiling of the level of trust I place in others; it's a negative infinity! I am and remain an individualized being. Meaning even if I had a Siamese twin, and she leans toward destruction of our existence, I will personally attempt to surgically remove the entity from our union with a fork or another piercing object so to extract the cancerous mass from my person.
I am solo. I am singular. I am me.
One love...