Friday, April 19, 2013

In Or Outside the Box

Is online communication considered cheating?
I'm gonna have to go ahead and say umm, yes.
There is a level of communication that is geared toward establishing a union and can be identified by the way you feel before during and after the encounter.

1.) If you wake up early in anticipation of typing at someone, it's too giving of emotion.

2.)If your heart flushes at the site of correspondence from him/her, it's triggering.

3.)If you get all antsy, pace the room, lose focus and direction of your day, with the thought of him/her, it's too involved.

4.)If once your partner comes home and you sigh in regards to wishing it was the "computer love", it's threatening.

It is highly possible to love more than one person at a time, however, in a committed relationship, the honesty has to remain priority. For what ever reason you are entertaining yourself outside of your relationship, if you're not ready to end it, but feel it needs a jolt, speak up. Address the lack and fuel it. Unless you are ready to denounce it, and in that case, admit it.

One of the many painful occurrences in a relationship, is being the last to know that it's over. Don't let friends, family, neighbors or potentials be the one to fill him/her in.

Bottom line, if you are happy inside, leave the virtual madness outside. Know your limits and stick to them!