Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Say NO

Is it ever alright to be or suggest a booty call?
Does it make her a slut or him a gigolo?
Will you respect him/her or yourself later?
Was it worth it to temporarily belittle yourself?
How come this "call" can't last forever?
Why is it that the person is good enough for the temp?
However, not good enough systematically?
When will it hit that this is selfish?
Has it gotten that bad, that no one wants a commitment?

We need to stop and...
who the hell could that be at this hour?
Of course I know who this is...
:sigh: Okay, okay, yea I know, thank you...bye.

Uhhh, I'm sorry... I need to go; but we'll resume this line of questioning in a few hours!:smirk: