Friday, August 27, 2010

Norton Hears A Who

You've heard that old to new nursery rhyme or book Horton hears a ... well this tale is ode to the Internet Virus's.

One day you were sitting at your desk or make shift likeness(in my case):giggle:
When you're distracted by a him or her. The attraction of the distraction is very convincing, so you stray from your mode, and give attention.
One word leads to another and you're infected. You can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't move, you're attached to the screen like whoa.
He or she is looking, walking and talking right(on the screen) so you decide to take a closer look and wham...
What the...

Is my connection lost? Why are things distorted, Outdated and suddenly appear smaller, larger and or faded? Are you fuqq'n wit me? One minute you type in yes and it's easily converted to a no. You think you have server issues but all the time, you've been jacked.

Now what?
:headed to control panel:
:Selecting Preferences:
:Clicking On System:
:Checking Properties:
:check click complete repeat:

Just as I thought, it's not me, it's YOU
Somehow I let you in and you've tainted my OS

My options are to sweep the system, delete the virus, restore to default.
Reboot and Refrain