Friday, May 23, 2008

This Is Why I'm Hot(almost literally)

I know, you know, we all know that I can cook.
Today, I can openly admit that I can't boil water.
Let me clarify the above...

Yesterday, I decided to light some candles, do laundry, just some good ole gas money avoiding home time. The activities made me work up an appetite so my choice for lunch was oatmeal. I usually like to add blueberries and walnuts so it was going to be a sure treat. mmm can't wait.

Well, I put the water on, and waltzed over to my computer for a little play time. I figured that would keep me distracted long enough to take my anticipation off the water boiling. I only intended to stray for a couple of minutes.
Alright alright I'm getting to the point geez. I feel bad enough to have to tell it. Ok, I get on-line and discover that I have sooooo much mail because I'd been on a brief hiatus from one of my frequent playgrounds. Now I'm excited to see I'd been missed so I begin to reply and visit and participate to the measure of about 30-45 minutes. Yea...

All of a sudden, I start to smell what I thought was the wax from a candle that had perhaps burnt out. I looked over and resumed my typing. Smell gets stronger, but my dizzy azz is too geeked to get up and check the other candle. Oh and now I'm like, what oatmeal. I had completely forgot that the water had been boiling. When the smoke detector starts blaring. I run in the other room looking near the other candle,(nothing is flaming) so then, I turn around and my pot of water is now a pot of soot.
I immediately remove the pot, turn off the stove and now I'm standing there fanning the smoke alarm, until it ceases to yell at me. Open the patio doors and sit right back down at the computer.
:sigh: I have got to find another hobby.

Ok, a few hours past and I'm smelling it again. Now what's burnin? I checked to ensure I did turn off the stove which I did. So ok, I remembered hearing the volume going in and out on the TV in the living room(don't know why I have em ON in every room)so I went over to find it completely dark and having a weird buzzing sound going on. I frantically tried to turn it off with the remote, no luck. I then cautiously manually turn it off and unplug the whole surge strip. The smell was just two puffs away from another alarm warning.

Now I'm like, fuqq the PC; what the bizznizz iz? Two close calls in one day?! In the same manner?!