Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have accepted the fact that I won't win Nana of the year. Not last year, this or the next.

I mentioned that I would be getting a weekend visit from one of my 8 grand babies, well that was prolonged until this wknd. At no fault of my own, but it's done so that's all that matters.

Honey chile................
I AINT GONE BE ABLE TO DO IT!! We had an okay yesterday; today started out iight, but I have been screamin and givin out check ups from the neck ups and wheww...
I AINT GONE BE ABLE TO DO IT!!! I decided, hey lets do my usual Saturday morning routine of shopping, early to beat the crowd. Well this one is a pouter(wonder where that comes from) :shrug: OKAY it's me, chill out. So if I didn't buy it, I got a brief silent treatment. Which wasn't too bad, this one's a talker like me, so I see just how annoying I can be at times. :smirk:

One of the biggest problems is that, I keep extreme order, up in here. I'm almost to the point of a yell, followed by about 2 curse words, to not rub the walls, don't eat and groom the couch without washing hands and don't jump up and down. Be careful not to kneel on the video games. (I like playin em 2)I've stepped over hula hoops, detangled from jump ropes, paused and rewound Fox and the Hound, Babe, Bebe's kids and nearly held at pencil point, to look for The Wizard Of Oz.

:Sigh: There have been good girly moments where we polished each others toe nails, counted turtles and fed the ducks from the balcony, and I reminisced as she slept, of how beautiful she was(still is) from the day she was born. How she sleeps so wild and is such an emotional lil missy. She prompted me to watch her Cops for Kids video on child safety and how I discovered her pencil fetish. She is only in 2nd grade and literally has over 25 pencils in her book bag and was anxious to buy a pack of 10 more. I strongly believe in letting kids express their personalities, some likes and dislikes are their option, however... I just wasn't feeling this whole pencil thing. (I guess I will if I don't find The Wizard...):smirk: :rolling eyes: Anyway.

Overall I'm enjoying our time, but every now and then, I wonder how she would respond in the event Nana has suffered a Stroke, because I'm constantly on pins and needles about keeping order. She says she's familiar with 911 so I'm good there.

So, :ahmmmm, num yo ho renga q, woosaaah:

still NOT NANA, lol