Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No Place To Hide

Humans like to think that planet Earth belongs to us. But natural disasters remind us that we're really just along for the ride. In every place humans live, the possibility of a natural disaster exists. There are wildfires in hot, dry regions and avalanches in cold, moist ones. On land, earthquakes rattle buildings and topple trees; underwater, they can trigger monster waves capable of erasing entire coastlines. Volcanoes burble up from Earth's molten core, and hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning come from the sky.

Being a victim of natural disaster(s), I've seen first hand how people run, race and curse against the inevitable. Placing blame on landlords, manufacturers, cultural diversity and yes, even GOD.
Get informed and get prepared by having a plan. Know the warning signs. Know the shelter route. Pack and place to the side, a necessary staples kit(non perishable food, clothing and first aid items, emergency contact information for yourself and relief agents).

That is the least yet most you can do in the event of a natural disaster. Trust that a higher power will guide you through the rest of your recovery.