Monday, April 30, 2012


I strongly believe that anything done in public, whether good or bad, will stick as a decision, because now you have an audience. You are no longer the only one that is holding you to your word. I don't like, "I told you so's", so I'm careful not to make a public scene and not properly star in it. Sort of like being held accountable.
So here it goes. Lately I've been unhappy. I've let you determine and define who and how I am. This is my life and my self esteem that's at stake. When you're around, I make poor decisions, I overindulge in your company, I'm consumed with your faults, in turn, making them mine. Well as of today, it's over.

Yes I still love you, yes I'll long to have you. But I learned that I feel and am better off without you. Here comes the hardest part; I've cheated on you with...
Lil Debbie
Crunch n Munch
Pop Tart
Corn Puffs
Chip Ahoy
Not so skinny Cow
Reese Cup nem...
The list goes on. There is absolutely no way we can have a successful relationship and I remain healthy and happy. I love you Breyers, But I'm not IN love with you.

Good luck in all your endeavors.