Thursday, July 10, 2008

The last 30 minutes

If we were together for the last 30 minutes of a sunset, I'd be seated between your legs. As we were watching the beautiful departure, our hands would be locked in place. The escape of the dawn to dusk lighting, would leave us in such awe. As we left from watching that sunset, we'd get home and make love until it rises again.
Witnessing It Together...
I wish I could look up at you every night, during those last 30 minutes. In that expression, I would capture one of your fondest joys!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Longing For Your Call

Every time the phone rings, I smile and hope it's you
And every time it isn't, I pout but see it through

When ever I hear your voice, I shiver and get all wet
This is just for starters, I'm not finished with you yet

I love it when you say my name, I melt and nearly fall
As soon as you hang up, I'm again longing for your call

Hello my Southern Peacock... Is this you